Let's Talk Floristy Design with Guru Jaime

While Jaime has moved on to her next adventure, we value the expertise she provided while a Guru here at The Gardener’s Center. And once a guru, always a guru. 

Floral Design 101

Jaime talks about how to build a floral arrangement from start to finish. She shows you the kinds of tools she uses and the mechanics she employs for constructing a low, lush, and compact style arrangement that’s perfect to use as a centerpiece. Jaime discusses color palette options and thinking outside the box when it comes to a fall mix, and to consider shape and texture when choosing your flowers.  

Orchid Care

Jaime talks about best practices for taking care of your orchids. Orchids really are a breeze to take care of inside your home, but we’ve heard from many people who shy away from them, usually telling us they think they are hard to care for or that they always kill them. As far as indoor flowering plants go, orchids really are your best bet. Jaime discusses best practices for watering orchids (NO ICE CUBES!), where to place them in your home, and when and when not to fertilize them to ensure success. 

Cut Hydrangea Arrangements

Jaime gives you some fantastic tips to help your cut hydrangea blooms last longer, as well as a simple, but beautiful way to arrange those gorgeous blooms.

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