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Container Design

Container gardening is one of the most enjoyable ways to grow plants on your property. With proper planning, containers can add interest to your garden throughout the seasons. They are movable and easy to renew or change, and the plant combinations are limited only by your imagination! If you are interested in these services, please click the box below to fill out our quick questionnaire to better help us visualize your project.


Even the most experienced gardener can use some advice from time to time. That’s where we come in. Feel free to bring us cuttings of plants that you need to be identified or are concerned might have a pest or disease problem and we will prescribe a safe and natural remedy. Just be sure your sample is freshly picked/cut/plucked before you bring it in.

Indoor Gardening

Gardening doesn’t stop at the front door, bring the green in! Plants offer a multitude of benefits inside the home. For starters, they purify the air and improve our mood, who doesn’t need that?! Our greenhouse and florist manager will work with you to decorate your home with flowers, greens and all the in-betweens!

Vacation Care

Our plants still need love when we are away playing. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste, let us tend to your plants. Our vacation care service includes watering, feeding, and dead heading so you plants look just as refreshed when you return from you getaway.


All of our products, including flowers, pottery, mulch and soil, and nursery stock (curbside) are available for delivery to Darien, Norwalk, Stamford, New Canaan, Wilton, and Greenwich.

Please call us to discuss delivery options.