The Gardener’s Center a proud Monrovia™ partner.
Shop their extensive selection online. Free shipping! Pick up at Gardener’s.

We are proud to be a provider of Monrovia's exceptional plants, perennials, shrubs, trees.

Discover more plants, trees, shrubs, perennials, edibles, succulents and more for your sunny and shady gardens through Monrovia’s vast online catalogue.   

Order online and they’ll be shipped for free to The Gardener’s Center for pickup. 

It’s an easy and convenient way to find and get and the exact plants you want to create the garden of your dreams!

How to Order from Monrovia and Find the Plants Best Suited for Your Garden

Whether you’re looking for your favorite plant and or you’re just on the hunt for something unique and beautiful, you’ll find the widest selection of healthy, high-quality plants online. 

You’ll appreciate Monrovia’s unmatched growing techniques, exclusive custom soil mixes, their nurturing of plants to ensure they will thrive, grow stronger and more beautifully. Monrovia has introduced hundreds of improved plant varieties that are bred to be more pest and disease resistant and/or with improved characteristics such as increased flower or fruit production, or unique color or shape.

Step 1 Discover

Use Monrovia’s plant finder lookup tool to find the right plants based on zip code (climate zone), plant type, light needs, water needs, landscape use and flowering season.

You’ll find all plant details and care instructions with each specimen. This is a really nice tool to help you plan your ideal garden.

Step 2 Order

Be sure to put in your zip code to be shown plants that are available to purchase online AND those that may already be available for purchase at The Gardener’s Center.

Your plants will ship when the time is right for planting. Because bloom-times and other conditions vary, delivery may take up to 3 to 4 weeks. Winter orders will be delivered in the spring.

Step 3 Pick Up / Delivery

Your plant will be delivered to The Gardener’s Center for FREE. You’ll be notified when your plants are on the truck and when they’ve arrived and are ready for pick up or delivery*. Your plants will arrive specially packaged with your name clearly visible. 

*Local delivery available for a fee.

When you take your plants home, you’ll find an information label that offers step-by-step planting instructions and a text code for additional care information.

Why we love Monrovia plants…

  • grown to be healthier and hardier 
  • nurtured in proprietary soil mixture
  • added mycorrhizae to enhance root development
  • you get larger, fuller plants
  • hundreds of new, improved varieties
  • more pest- and disease-resistant
  • great selection of topiary shapes, patio trees and espaliers
  • vivid colors in foliage, fruit and flowers

Pick up at The Gardener’s Center is FREE.

Local delivery of your plant order is available to your home, business or landscape project. Delivery fees apply.

Open Daily 9 am to 5 pm
1396 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820
(203) 655-2549

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