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How to choose the right catmint

Why You Should Add Catmint, an Easy Garden Favorite, to Your Garden.

Interested in a super popular, ornamental perennial? Sean, our horticulture expert, is also a fan of catmints, (botanical name is Nepeta), not to be confused with catnip, although they are related. Why are catmints so popular? Well, they check a lot of boxes for gardeners. Catmints are hardy. Sean, as...

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Know the Differences Between Rose Bush Varieties

You Don’t Have to Suppose When it Comes to a Rose

Yay, we have rose bushes here at The Gardener’s Center. But why do we have the roses we have? Sean tells us why he brings these particular roses in, and why he’s a big fan. First, did you know that Sean’s first horticulture job was tending to a formal rose...

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