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House Plants

We have an amazing array of tropical foliage and blooming plants, as well as a wonderful selection of succulents and cacti. Gardening doesn’t have to stop at the front door! Bringing plants inside the home offers a wide assortment of health benefits from improving your mood to purifying the air. So, let the green in, you’ll be happier once you have!


Perennials are truly the workhorses of the landscape. They are long lived and offer a great return on your investment. Some varieties of garden peonies have been known to live over 100 years! We have an excellent selection of native perennials that are naturally better suited for our local soils and climate. These plants are not only beautiful but are a much needed food source for our friendly pollinators. From ferns to grasses and everything in between, you are sure to find something special for any sunny or shady landscape.

Trees & Shrubs

With their year round presence and long lives nature, trees and shrubs are the backbone of the every landscape. Trees create an overhead structure to both block and frame our views of the sky, neighboring houses, and unsightly scenery. Their large size brings a sense of peace, calm, and permanence to the landscape.

The versatility of shrubs makes them invaluable to every landscape. From a subtle foundation planting to the mixed borders or screening, we have a wide array of choices for you to peruse!

Annual & Tropicals

Annual plants by definition either complete their lifecycle during one growing season or they are plants would behave as perennials in warmer climates, but are too tender to survive the harsh new england winters. If you are looking for constant vibrant color all season long, there is no other group of plants that will give you a better bang for your buck! From old time favorites to the latest varieties from Proven Winners, you are sure to find that perfect addition for your window boxes, containers or to jazz up your beds and borders!


What could be more locally grown than growing your own? Home grown vegetables are a healthier, tastier and more affordable choice than store-bought produce. We carry a variety of vegetable and herb plants specifically hand-selected for our area, soils, and climate, helping to ensure successful gardens. We also offer a selection of organic and conventional supplements and fertilizers designed specifically for vegetable gardening. No matter your tastes, we have the vegetables and herbs you are looking for.

Indoor Pottery

Our carefully selected indoor pottery collection is ever changing. We choose from a wide variety of manufacturers in small batch orders to keep things interesting! From a rustic terra-cotta to something for the traditionalist to something more modern with sleek lines you are sure to find the perfect accent piece that will suit your home decor.

The versatility of shrubs makes them invaluable to every landscape. From a subtle foundation planting to the mixed borders or screening, we have a wide array of choices for you to peruse!


Looking for help on how to make your garden grow? Ask us, we know! Our staff members are either trained horticulturists or just plain crazy about plants! So, don’t be shy. If you need advice or help diagnosing a problem, we are here for you. We have everything you need to fertilize, train, trim and treat your plants, indoors and out. Whether you need grass seed and lawn care products, or garden tools and pest controls, we have a variety of options and the knowledgeable staff to help you along the way.


Make sure to take a moment to visit our peaceful Zen Corner and giftware line. We offer an array of jewelry, beautifully scented candles, mindful and spiritual pieces such as stones, crystals and meditation aids all of which are the perfect add on to your gift of flowers or even a little something for yourself!


Well placed garden accents and containers can surely put the finishing touch on a any landscape. We proudly offer a vast array of products from Campania International. Whether it’s a classic urn, elegant fountain, contemporary lightweight planter, or just a silly whimsical garden gnome, we most likely have that last little piece to your puzzle! Can’t find something you like at our store? Let us special order it for you! It’s easy. Just stop by and browse their extensive catalog or visit them online at