Let's Talk Container Design with Guru Lauren

Spring Container Design

Spring annuals tend to be rather fleeting, spring bulbs last just two to three weeks in full bloom, and pansies will start to fade around Memorial Day once the warmer weather kicks in. BUT THAT’S OKAY! While fleeting, spring annuals are such a welcome pop of color and fragrance! Plus, Lauren has tips for repurposing some plants into your landscape.

Summer Container Design

Lauren talks about expanding your container design palate with options you may not have considered before. She shows us how using plants that are traditionally considered indoor tropical houseplants can add interest and a dramatic flair to our summer containers.

Fall Container Design

Lauren shows you some fall designs, one a harvest look and one a little “funkier.” See what she’s done and how you can create your own fall—and maybe funky—container designs.

Holiday / Winter Container Design

Lauren’s here with helpful techniques on creating your own holiday outdoor containers with evergreens, pinecones and more. With just a little care, these will stay looking fresh and beautiful for many months.

OR, if you’re in the Darien, CT area, you can swing by The Gardener’s Center for a pre-built DROP-IN, providing instantaneous beauty for your entryways.

OR, if you desire something completely custom, Lauren will be happy to design your holiday containers.

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