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How to Successfully Grow Lavender in Northeast

The Secrets to Growing Lavender in the Northeast

Perennial lavender is a desirable plant, but it’s very challenging to grow here in the northeast. There are lots of things that lavenders don’t like about living and growing in Connecticut (and it has nothing to do with traffic or taxes!), but they center around our climate and our soil...

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How to choose the right catmint

Catmint: An Easy Garden Favorite

Interested in a super popular, ornamental perennial? Sean, our horticulture expert, is also a fan of catmints, (botanical name is Nepeta), not to be confused with catnip, although they are related. Why are catmints so popular? Well, they check a lot of boxes for gardeners.

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Some weeds you want in your garden: Milkweed and Butterfly Weed

Add Milkweed and Butterfly Weed to Your Garden

Weeds are the bane of most gardeners existence, but Sean, our horticulture expert, talks about some wonderful “weeds” to include in your garden: These are two native milkweeds, the first called Asclepias Incarnata, or Swamp Milkweed, and Asclepias Tuberosa, or Butterfly Weed.

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