We love plant people.

We also love dog people. Cat people. Not-so-green-thumb people. Garden groupies. Tree huggers. Flower fanatics. Yep, we love you all!

The Gardener’s Center is your year-round garden center offering a wide selection of unique and sought-after outdoor and indoor plants, designer pottery, gardening supplies, floristry services, container design services, gifts and more.

We’re committed to providing exceptional service and horticultural expertise. We are your gurus of gardens and floristry!

Join us for our June educational seminars!

Plants For Pollinators

Sean will be give you a show-and-tell of the very best annuals and perennials that will attract loads of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and more to your landscape. This seminar will be held outside in our nursery.

Saturday, June 17, 2023
10:30am – 11:30am
Cost $10
Garden Insects — Friend or Foe?

There are many different types of insects in your vegetable and flower gardens during the growing season. Are they good guys? Are they bad guys? Sean will clear up some of the mystery as he identifies and discusses the many types of insects you may encounter while gardening this summer. He’ll explain how you can treat the bad guys without harming the good guys. This seminar will be held in our Garden Shop.

Saturday, June 24, 2023
10:30am – 11:30am
Cost $10
The Buzz Gardener's Center
Sean's Favorite Annuals? Begonias!

Let’s talk about begonias and why you should be planting them! These incredibly versatile and easy-to-care-for bloomers are Sean’s favorite annual for a number of reasons. Begonias come in a variety of gorgeous colors but did you know they are one of the most forgiving annuals in terms of light requirements? They can really be placed anywhere outside. Watch the video to learn why begonias are going to be YOUR favorite annual, too!

Outdoor gardening plants at The Gardener's Center
Outdoor Gardening

Find an ever-changing selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, herbs and edibles. We offer a huge selection of designer pottery, garden art and statuary and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Find houseplants at The Gardener's Center
Indoor Gardening

Our indoor greenhouse is THE place for plant enthusiasts and new plant parents alike. Find exceptional and hard-to-find houseplants. Questions? Our expert horticulturalists are here to help.

When you want your guests to gush over your floral arrangements, come talk to our experts at The Gardener's Center.

Our full-service floristry department offers exceptionally beautiful fresh-cut flowers and greenery, and masterfully-designed floral arrangements for every occasion and local events.

Make your neighbors jealous wit custom container designs from The Gardener's Center.
Container Design 

Work with our designer for custom-designed containers. We build on-site with expert creativity, care and attention to detail with carefully selected plant material catered to your space and light conditions.

Begonias are the easiest annual to grow!

Sean’s “Annual” Love Affair With Begonias

They’re beguiling. They’re bewitching. They’re begonias and they’re Sean’s favorite annual. Sean, our horticulture guru here at The Gardener's Center, points out some key reasons why they make great additions to gardens and containers, no matter your light conditions. Watch the video and see if they're not going to be...

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Some weeds you want in your garden: Milkweed and Butterfly Weed

Add Milkweed and Butterfly Weed to Your Garden

Weeds are the bane of most gardeners existence, but Sean, our horticulture expert, talks about some wonderful “weeds” to include in your garden: These are two native milkweeds, the first called Asclepias Incarnata, or Swamp Milkweed, and Asclepias Tuberosa, or Butterfly Weed.

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How to choose the right catmint

Catmint: An Easy Garden Favorite

Interested in a super popular, ornamental perennial? Sean, our horticulture expert, is also a fan of catmints, (botanical name is Nepeta), not to be confused with catnip, although they are related. Why are catmints so popular? Well, they check a lot of boxes for gardeners.

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When you have questions, we're here to help

It isn’t enough to just buy plants and tools and all the stuff it takes to practice the art of gardening. You need somebody to talk to, somebody in touch with the earth. At The Gardener’s Center, you’ll find such people. 

We are either trained horticulturalists or are just head-over-roots passionate about what we do. Our mission is to help your gardens grow and flourish.

And if you need more help after you get them home, we’re here to give you that, too. Our goal is simple. We want to make you so good at gardening that it becomes second nature. Then, together, we can let the good times grow.

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