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Fresh and fancy florals, anyone! ?

Whether you call it Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, Palentine’s Day, or just Wednesday… We have beeeeeautiful floral arrangements everyone will adore. 

Our floral department takes great care in curating the freshest blooms to create swoon-worthy magic with each design. Whether you are a red rose traditionalist or like to leave it to us to get creative, an arrangement from The Gardener’s Center is sure to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face. Or that neighbor who could use a sweet pick-me-up. Or your bestie, just because. Whomever you want to show some love, we are here to help do just that.

Now taking orders that will be available for delivery or pick-up through February 14th. We deliver to Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan and Norwalk.

Check out a few of our stunning floral arrangements…

Join us in February for…

Mario Bros. Warp Tube Fly Trap Make & Take Workshop


The iconic video game Mario Brothers has entertained millions of kids and adults since its introduction 39 years ago!

Join us for a fun, hands-on workshop where each attendee will make and take home their very own warp tube planter complete with a ferocious looking Venus Fly Trap!

Joy, our houseplant guru, will assist with planting while Sean, our gardening guru discusses the very fascinating fly trap story, and how to keep your fly trap happy and healthy for years to come.

Orchid Care Workshop with Master Gardener & Orchid Expert Peter Lai


Peter is the owner of TQM Orchids and a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener with an incredible wealth of knowledge, AND he’s an all around GREAT GUY! This seminar was a HUGE hit last year and we are super lucky to have Peter back again with us this year. You’ll not only learn a TON about caring for orchids, you’ll also laugh a lot and simply fall in love with Peter. He’s just fantastic!

Peter will cover such topics as:

  • An introduction to types of orchids
  • The important environmental factors and conditions for growing orchids at home
  • How to repot and regrow orchids at home (hands-on session)
  • Orchid diseases and pest control

*This seminar is free to attend, but sign-up is required as space is limited.

The Gardener’s Center is your year-round garden center offering a wide selection of unique and sought-after outdoor and indoor plants, designer pottery, gardening supplies, floristry services, container design services, gifts and more.

We’re committed to providing exceptional service and horticultural expertise. We are your gurus of gardens and floristry!

Our Garden Gurus are here to help!

Wintertime Houseplant Care

During colder months, your houseplants have to live inside and hibernate for the winter just like the rest of us. Joy, our houseplant guru here at The Gardener’s Center, tells us what to watch for and how to care for our plants during this time.

You can also read all about winterime houseplant care in The Buzz Blog. 

Up-Potting Your Houseplants

Joy talks about re-potting (or “up-potting,” according to Joy), and the signs to look for to know now’s the time. You’ll also get instructions on how to choose the new pot and how to prepare your plant’s new home for a happy transition.

You can also read all about up-potting your houseplants in The Buzz Blog.

Pet-Friendly (and not!) Houseplants

Joy talks about how to keep your pets and your plants living happy and healthy together. Joy shows you which houseplants are pet-friendly and which are not. If you have pets at home, be sure you know which is which!

See Joy’s list of the most popular houseplants that fit into each category, and a handy resource to lookup more plants

Identifying & Treating Houseplant Pests

Joy talks about common houseplant pests. Oftentimes these pests are so hard to see that you don’t really notice them until you see your plant looking sickly.

Joy has the deets on three common little buggers that will wreak havoc either to your plant or your sanity. She’ll tell us how to identify them and how to treat them. We are talking brown soft scale, mealy bugs and fungus gnats. Wait until you see the close-up photo of a mealybug! It looks prehistoric.

You can also read all about identifying and treating houseplant pests in The Buzz Blog. 

Outdoor gardening plants at The Gardener's Center
Outdoor Gardening

Find an ever-changing selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, herbs and edibles. We offer a huge selection of designer pottery, garden art and statuary and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Find houseplants at The Gardener's Center
Indoor Gardening

Our indoor greenhouse is THE place for plant enthusiasts and new plant parents alike. Find exceptional and hard-to-find houseplants. Questions? Our expert horticulturalists are here to help.

When you want your guests to gush over your floral arrangements, come talk to our experts at The Gardener's Center.
Fresh Flowers & Floristry 

Our floral department offers exceptionally beautiful fresh-cut flowers and greenery, and masterfully-designed floral arrangements for every occasion.

Make your neighbors jealous wit custom container designs from The Gardener's Center.
Container Design 

Work with our designer for custom-designed containers. We build on-site with expert creativity, care and attention to detail with carefully selected plant material catered to your space and light conditions.

The Buzz Blog

The Buzz is where you’ll find expert help from our gurus of gardens and floristy.
We’re here to help you with your outdoor and indoor gardening needs. Have questions? Just ask our experts!

Houseplant propagation methods

Propagating Methods for Houseplants

First things first… What is propagation? Joy says it’s basically like cloning your plant. Say your pothos is getting a little too long and leggy, and you need to give it a haircut. And maybe you feel bad throwing those leggy cuttings away. Time to grab a propagation station!

Read More
how to re-pot, or up-pot your houseplants

Re-Potting – or Up-Potting – Your Houseplants

Big question: How do you know when it’s time to re-pot (or up-pot) your plant? Joy, our houseplant guru, says there are some key signs to look for when your plant is telling you, “Now’s the time!” Then she provides a step-by-step guide for successfully up-potting

Read More
Monstera Dubia

Houseplants With Fascinating Foliage

Joy, our houseplant guru, wants you to know about some unique plants and special varieties that are giving her all the feels. What’s so special about these? She loves their interesting growing patterns, or the way they react to temperature, light or vibrations. Or they’re just exceptionally cool.

Read More

When you have questions, we're here to help!

Guru Sean

Outdoor Gardening Expert
General Manager

Guru Joy

Indoor Gardening Expert
Greenhouse Supervisor

Guru Lauren

Floral & Container Garden Expert

It isn’t enough to just buy plants and tools and all the stuff it takes to practice the art of gardening. You need somebody to talk to, somebody in touch with the earth. At The Gardener’s Center, you’ll find such people. 

We are either trained horticulturalists or are just head-over-roots passionate about what we do. Our mission is to help your gardens grow and flourish.

And if you need more help after you get them home, we’re here to give you that, too. Our goal is simple. We want to make you so good at gardening that it becomes second nature. Then, together, we can let the good times grow.

We're getting all up in the holidays!

We’re your one-stop-seasonal-shop with our beautiful Christmas trees, unique holiday decorations, fresh greenery and wreaths, gorgeous holiday container drop-ins, gifts and more!

When you want gorgeous holiday entryways, we have options…

Lauren’s here with helpful techniques on creating your own holiday outdoor containers with evergreens, pinecones and more. With just a little care, these will stay looking fresh and beautiful for many months.

OR, if you’re in the Darien, CT area, you can swing by The Gardener’s Center for a pre-built DROP-IN, providing instantaneous beauty for your entryways.

OR, if you desire something completely custom, Lauren will be happy to design your holiday containers.

ORDER Drop-In Holiday Containers
SCHEDULE CONSULT for Custom-Designed Containers

Our Pre-built Holiday Drop-ins

Our convenient, beautifully-arranged paper mache containers of lush, fresh-cut evergreens and holiday trimmings drop right into your existing porch, patio and landscape containers. It’s instant holiday decor and curb appeal! And they’ll continue to look great well after the holidays, too.

Our Custom-Designed Container Services

Looking to make a bigger statement with your entryway? Book your custom container design with Laura and she’ll create stunning, show-stopper looks for your holiday home.

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