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Swamp Milkweed with Monarch, Locally-grown in CT

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We are sold out of milkweed!

Join us Saturday, June 22 between 10am-3pm for our Pollinator Pop-up!

We’ve invite some of our local artisans to join us in our celebration of the pollinators we love. Artisans that are joining us include:

  • Strange Charm Glassworks (suncatchers)
  • LaurenflanaganART (art prints)
  • Backyard Blooms (cut flowers)

Milkweed Munchies

Asclepias incarnata

Calling all monarch butterfly lovers! You’ve been asking for more milkweed, and we’re here to deliver. 

For those looking to bring monarchs into your space β€” and do you part in nurturing their journey β€” Asclepias incarnata, or swamp milkweed, is THE plant that helps out monarch caterpillars and butterflies during their entire life cycle.

Monarch caterpillars love munching on its leaves (it’s all they eat!), and the special chemicals in the plant make them taste bad to predators, giving them some much-needed protection.

The flowers provide nectar for adult monarch butterflies, giving them the energy they need to lay eggs and for their long migrations south.

This is the ONLY TIME we’ll have locally-grown swamp milkweed at The Gardener’s Center, and it typically sells out super quick. Secure yours during our First-Bloom Access! 

Keep in mind, caterpillars can go through leaves quickly, so grab at least three plants so you have plenty for them to munch on!

Available in Pink and White Varieties

PRE-ORDER OPENS Friday, JUNE 7 @ 4pm

Locally Grown logo, The Gardener's Center

our local SWAMP MILKWEED growers

We love to keep things as local as possible when we can here at The Gardener’s Center, particularly in the plants department. And local growers who also embrace sustainable growing practices are our favorites to work with. Almost all of the annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables that we offer here at Gardener’s are sourced locally right here in Connecticut and the North Fork of Long Island.

One of our favorite Connecticut growers, Judge’s Farm, provides us with most of our perennials as well as herbs and vegetables. These guys have some great things going on at the farm out in Old Lyme!

Judge's Farm brothers Matt and Martin.

Brothers Matt and Martin Griswold founded Judge’s Farm on a tract of family land right where the Connecticut River meets Long Island Sound, back in 1990. And by the way, this tract of land has been in their family since 1640!

After a “brief” 10 year stint growing choose-and-cut Christmas trees, the two shifted focus to growing hardy perennials. They borrowed the name “Judge’s Farm” from their great great great grandfather, Connecticut Supreme Court Judge Matthew, who built a house on the property in 1798 where brother Martin currently resides. Judge’s House, Judge’s Farm.

Matt and Martin aren’t just committed to growing top-shelf perennials, they’re committed to doing it in the greenest and most sustainable way possible. Their ultimate goal is for their entire nursery to be zero emissions. But this is no small feat β€” it takes vision, planning and significant financial investment. They’ve already installed a powerful solar array that powers the farm office, irrigation pumps, potting machines and greenhouse controls with clean, farm fresh solar power. And they have 4 BEV Tesla Semi tractor trailers on order, and that farm fresh solar power will also be recharging their batteries once they are delivered. Learn more about Matt and Martin’s amazing 3 Phase Green Power Plan.

We couldn’t be happier to offer Judge’s Farms perennials, herbs, and vegetables here at The Gardener’s Center. Working with local growers is one thing. Working with local growers that also care passionately about the world we’re gardening in is something else. Well done, Matt and Martin!

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