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Weed Hairy Bittercress
Lawn, Garden & Plant Care

Hairy Bittercress: Identification & Natural Weed Treatment

A member of the mustard family, Hairy Bittercress is usually the first weed to appear in the lawn in late winter and early spring. They spread quickly in the lawn, but they are very easy to pull and treat (and eat!)

Yep, you can eat this weed. But don’t be fooled by the name—Hairy Bittercress is edible with a flavor that’s mild and peppery, not bitter.

If you’re not interested in adding it to your salads or pulling by hand, use Bonide Lawnweed Brew before these weeds flower and set seed.

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Treating Houseplant Pest Like Mealy Bugs

Identifying and Treating Houseplant Pests

Joy, our houseplant guru here at The Gardener’s Center, has seen her fair share of houseplant pests! She has all the deets on three common little buggers that will wreak havoc either on your plant or your sanity. Read on to see how to identify them and how to treat them. We are talking brown soft scale, mealy bugs and fungus gnats.

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