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Let's Talk Gardening Plants & Products with Sean

Let's Talk Fall-Blooming Native Perennials

Sean provides an overview of some of his favorite fall-blooming native perennials: Eupatorium Dwarf Joe-Pye Weed and Hardy Ageratum + New England Aster • New England Aster Purple Dome + Vernonia Iron Butterfly.

September and October are the best times to plant AND enjoy their blooms. With these natives you’ll have gorgeous blooms that will extend well past other plants that have finished blooming. These lovelies are also invaluable to our pollinators: bees, butterflies and migrating hummingbirds will certainly thank you for it!

Let's Talk Fall Ornamental Cabbages & Kales

Have you considered adding ornamental cabbages and kales to your landscape or containers? You should! These beauties are a fall staple, but we should really think of them as a fall AND winter staple. Kales and cabbages have a very wide temperature range in which they thrive — 75 degrees all the way down to the mid 30s — this is their “sweet spot.” They’ll even survive temps well below freezing. And the cooler it gets, the more their color intensifies! They do well and look great in both the landscape and in containers.

Let's Talk Fall Planting Perks

Fall is the BEST time for perennials, shrubs, trees and grass seed to take root!

We generally think of spring as the planting time, which is it… But fall — September, October and November —is the optimal time to get your plants in the ground. Sean, our gardening guru, explains why in this video. Check it out — then let’s get get to planting so your plants can get their underground party started!

Let's Talk Lavender

Love lavender but it keeps letting you down? Unless you’re living right on the coast with its sandy soil, you’ve most likely struggled with keeping your lavender alive for more than a season or two. That’s partly due to our climate, but your soil composition has a huge amount of impact on your success. Give Sean’s video a watch to learn how to properly prepare your soil, and learn about how Phenomenal Lavender may be the hybrid answer you’ve been searching for. A transcript of the video is available in our blog. 

Let's Talk Milkweed

Sean, the horticulture expert at The Gardener’s Center, is here to give us insightful information on two different types of native milkweed: Asclepias Incarnata (Swamp Milkweed) and Asclepias Tuberosa (Butterflyweed). A transcript of this video is available in our blog.

Let's Talk Catmint (Nepeta)

Nepeta, or Catmint, comes in tall-to-compact varieties, are beautiful, long-bloomers, drought tolerant and adored by pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Who doesn’t love ‘em? Deer, rabbits and woodchucks, that’s who. Sean has pro tips for selection, placement, care and easy maintenance for keeping them tidy and getting them to re-bloom. A transcript of this video is available in our blog.

Let's Talk Proper Plant Potting

Sean, our horticulture expert, provides pro tips for potting your annuals in containers to ensure maximum growth and health for a long growing season. A transcript of this video is available in our blog.

Let's Talk About Roses

Sean reviews attributes and differences between our popular rose varieties: David Austin Roses (aka English Roses or Cabbage Roses), Shrub Roses, Drift Roses and Climbing Roses. A transcript of this video is available in our blog.

Let's Talk About Peonies

Sean, our resident expert on all-things peonies, discusses planting and care so you can enjoy these beauties in your coastal Connecticut garden. 

Let's Talk Lawn Care Products

Sean talks about which products to use and when to seed your lawns, when to fertilize, and when to treat weeds and crabgrass. Most importantly, he wants you to remember that TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Let's Talk About Shopping on

Sean talks about another great way to research and procure exactly the plants you are looking for through our partner, Monrovia. We proudly carry many of their stunning plant, but we don’t carry all of them. With, you can search for the exact variety, size, and color or plants you want.

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